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  • 1. How does the way you dress make you feel? Also, how does it relate to the kind of work that you do?
  • 2. Why do you choose to tailor your attire?
  • 3. What do you love about CYC’s tailored garments?

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Darren Lee

Digital Entrepreneur

Darren Lee

Digital Entrepreneur

Drive, Competition and being Relentless

What is your passion and what drives you?

I head the team at Fixx Digital, and we help companies stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly evolving Digital landscape. The Agency was started in 2010 and my vision was to make Digital more accessible in Singapore and South-East Asia.

The desire to make something great even better is what gets me up every morning. I always encourage the team to push the boundaries of Digital at the Agency. More often than not, the days are long. We work a lot harder than most law firms. I like competition too. Competition challenges me to do my best and gives me good reason to raise the bar at every opportunity in everything that I do.

- 100% Egyptian Cotton Brown on White Stripes

What we wear is an authentic reflection of who we are, what we stand for and who we aspire to be.

- Shirt: 100% Egyptian Cotton Blue and Black Checks
- Pants: 100% Organic Wool Super 110's Navy Blue
- Accessories: Model’s own

On an average workday, I make a lot of decisions. Decision fatigue, in such a context is real. To cope with this, I have a set of 2 defined designs for just about everything. 2 designs of T-shirts (5 pieces per design), 2 Shirts, 2 Blazers, and 2 pairs of Shoes. Every 6 months, I set aside some time and a budget to decide on what I will be wearing for the next half year. If I am introducing a new design, I will decomission an existing design. There is a simple rule: For every addition to my wardrobe, there must be a subtraction to it.

This means that I make decisions on what to wear only twice a year. Most people decide on what to wear every single morning. This single act enables me to free up my mind to focus and channel my energy to a lot of other important things for both work and family.

I have a soft spot for T-shirts paired with Blazers, and I tend to lean towards the pairing of darker shades, namely blacks with greys. I believe a beautiful outfit is one that is unapologetically simple. One where contrast is created through subtlety.


- Shirt: 100% Egyptian Cotton Navy Blue
- Pants: 100% Organic Wool Super 110's Navy Blue

CYC's custom design for Darren

CYC has done a remarkable job of transforming a typical shirt into a design that appears both casual and semi-formal at the same time. I feel most comfortable with the Nehru collar shirt teamed with a half placket as it is a smart substitute for my typical round neck T shirt. When worn with a blazer, I am still able to maintain a smart casual image.