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  • 1. How does the way you dress make you feel? Also, how does it relate to the kind of work that you do?
  • 2. Why do you choose to tailor your attire?
  • 3. What do you love about CYC’s tailored garments?

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Leonard Se

Freelance Photographer/Sales Consultant

Leonard Se

Freelance Photographer/Sales Consultant

Integrity, Priorities And Commitment

What is your profession and what set you down this path?

My career path has been varied over the last twenty five years. The most memorable work that I have done is photography. I believe I have a keen eye for creative composition. I continue to pursue photography on a freelance basis even though I am currently working as a Sales Consultant with CYC. I have always been interested in fashion and believe I have a creative eye for designs. I chose to work with CYC as I get the opportunity to exercise my creativity in styling clients.

- Shirt: 100% Egyptian Cotton Black and Red Checks
- Pants: Rafael 7634 (Soktas) 100% Egyptian Cotton Light Brown
- Accessories: Model’s own

Fashion fades, but personal style remains.

- Jacket: (Soktas) 100% Cotton Red
- Shirt: 100% Egyptian Cotton Blue and Orange Checks on White
- Pants: (Soktas) 100% Egyptian Cotton Blue
- Accessories: Model’s own

I like clothes that are bold, colourful and unique. Being Asian and petit, most off the rack clothes are either too big or too small for me. I used to buy some clothes from the Children’s Department. Now that I work in CYC, I have the opportunity to dress in shirts that are designed by me. This is my dream job as I can wear what I design. As my job is to assist clients with advice on dress styles, my dress style has encouraged many of my clients to be more adventurous.

I believe that everyone should dress appropriately for the work they do and for the events they attend. I believe that first impressions count and we are judged by how we carry ourselves. You should define your own style, as what suits others may not suit you!

There have been various people who shaped my life. My mum was the one who inspired me to go into photography as she had taken many photographs of me from childhood and she had painstakingly compiled all these photos which have become a treasure for me. I see myself more as an influencer as I spend my free time doing voluntary work related to Yellow Ribbon.


- Shirt: 100% Egyptian Cotton Blue on Blue Pattern
- Pants: (Soktas) 100% Egyptian Cotton Light Brown
- Accessories: Model’s own

CYC's custom design for Leonard

This is the first time in my life that I have designed my own clothes and got to style and model the clothes as well. My outfits are bold, colourful and unique as I like my clothes to attract attention.

The photography session was fun and the fashion team behind the scene knew exactly what they wanted. We were able to wrap up the whole shoot within an hour!