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  • 1. How does the way you dress make you feel? Also, how does it relate to the kind of work that you do?
  • 2. Why do you choose to tailor your attire?
  • 3. What do you love about CYC’s tailored garments?

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I like clothes that are bold, colourful and unique.

Leonard Se

Freelance Photographer/Sales Consultant

I am an extension of my firm’s brand and the image I project shows the respect I have for my clients and the people.

Edmund Heng

Technology Risk Consultant

Every 6 months, I set aside some time and a budget to decide on what I will be wearing for the next half year.

Darren Lee

Digital Entrepreneur

I believe that “clothes maketh the man” and to be successful one has to look successful.

Eugene Soon

Real Estate – Group Director